Silantea’s environment varies considerably with frozen tundras at both poles, vast expanses of both deciduous and coniferous forests, an abundance of plains and impassable mountain ranges. Two-thirds of the planet is covered in salt water with one major continent, one smaller continent and a collection of smaller islands making up the other third. It is an unusually small world with a “year” lasting only 240 days.


Kalare – Once a backwater city-state and now the capital of one of the planet’s two militaristic nations, Kalare is a center of land trade for the central portion of the planet’s larger continent. Despite its near-costal location, Kalare has little maritime capability and only minimal portage.

Brixton – The most modernized city on Silantea, Brixton is the capital of a secluded coastal valley nation. A coastal city with an unusually large gnomish population, Brixton contains the busiest port on the planet and leads the world in navigation and seamanship. It supports a large middle- and upper-class population, the majority of whom are merchants of some kind. Most travel to the fabled island of Aoteroa sets sail from this maritime giant’s ports.

Marvirtil – A city built, controlled and populated by the Greater Elven Consortium, Marvirtil contains the only dock on the planet where one may find a spelljammer, though these are quite infrequent visitors. Outsiders are not forbidden from entering the city, but they are encouraged to keep their time inside its walls to a minimum. Despite its relatively small size and remote location, its architecture marks it as a jewel in the (fairly small) crown of the Consortium. Towering spires of granite, basalt and obsidian have been precisely placed between circular fountain plazas in swirling patterns detectable only as one approaches from space. The city is situated on a remote island, limiting the likelihood of the planet’s natives noticing incoming craft.


Religion on Silantea varies wildly by region with a predominant focus on the gods of the Greyhawk pantheon.


For the purposes of space travelers, the only important feature of Silantea is that the Greater Elven Consortium controls all travel to and from the planet. A small fleet of vessels based out of Marvirtil patrols a small region of space around the world, discouraging unwelcome visitors from intruding on “their” planet.


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