Orichelm station doesn’t have terrain in the normal sense. From space it looks like a dense ball of foliage. Upon closer inspection A ring of Docks can be seen protruding from its equator. The interior has the feel of a wooden ship or building. Several natural locations are set up through the station. They simulate the different types of terrain used by the races the orcs have bread with over time, but these are no more than a few acres each.


The entire station is one big city. There are however several sub communities. They are listed in this section.

Brood Town – A shady portion of the station that exist as a “necessary evil.”

Dock Side – The primary landing for supply and trade ships. It also boasts a bustling market.

High Watch – The upper end of town. This is where the Orichelm resides an presides.

Hyroshi – An oriental themed community. It is similar to the Flying City of the Orog Magi.


the orcs worship the standard orc Pantheon with preference to Luthic. They also venerate their ancestors old and new. Forceism has a growing influence which seems to be replacing the ancient god concept of Venit.


The station is Lead by the Orichelm, who is said to be descended for the wizard who started the Orichelm station. He is advised by a council of orcs that live on the station. It is in this council that most of the political strife of the station occurs.

Sub planets

Orichelm Station has no sub planets. Any planetoids that are near the station are absorbed to fuel the stations growth.


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