Of Lightning and Fire

Inside the Conjuration Machine

From the work Log of Robert Stark: the Jedi returned today with Thor, Henry, and an Elven girl I had not met before, but in appearance I figured to be descended of Francis and that assassin/helmswoman GEC assigned to Grandfather Howard. I was proven right in this postulation, after talking to her. Henry has taking the usage of floor fifty five. His off sight research into insect psychology has been fascinating. on sight he seems more interested in studying my cousin, Ginger. I’ll have to make sure Janet knows he’s back, She’ll likely keep him busy with her wishes to “Keep the bloodline pure”. that’ll do. (Jarvis, removed that from the record. of course sir) Thor is the very symbol of the sulking Achilles. he sits on top of the Tower looking out into the stars. Lovesick and home sick if my perception check was any good.
Anyways for work completed today. I removed the cursed sword I had Fryn testing and bound a related design to a new tester named Torgash, gruff fellow, but respectful enough. I have designed several cast of the Jedi’s weapons and have placed them with the others. I am also rewrking the Ares amulets, so as to make them deaden all pain recieved by thier animal users, this in light that the younger generation is starting to view such sport as animal cruilty. I continue to fix the Conjuration machine as the Jedi find problem with it. But there seems to be something in their that fights my reparations.

They entered my domain. From whence they came I could not say. I expect the Builder let them in, as he continues to change the world after they pass over it. they have done little since they arrived. They visited the Architect and his allies. Such pithy copies are they. After leaving that Social Blender they ambled south. bypassing cipher they discover a port. The Builder attached more hardware there, further tying his amalgamate world to my domain. Moving southward they battled five bands of rodents, who the Builder now seeks to manipulate to his own ends. The Large Broad One set his hands aflame and they continued to burn for quite some time. They found their way to the sealed door of the Arena and tried fruitlessly to open it. Realizing the futility of their efforts they moved around east and southward. They crossed a narrow beam over the energy chasm. The God-Bound nearly joined the flow below, but his allies recover him. moving onward the Swords Wielder removed his shoes so that they could all pass through a gate. The visited the Constable, but did nothing else at the Holding pen. redoubled north they ascended to a most perfect from, but their fragile, mortal forms could not stand the change and degraded until they retook their physical forms. they wandered into the Bakery and purchased some sugar foods. The Many Armed pulled a blade on the Cipher Pâtissier, but his design did not cause him to respond. These new people now postulate on how they shall further disturb my domain.
Were it in my power, I would strike them now, and claim their energies for this land, but bound as I am by the Builder, I may only observe them until they come to me. but at that time, Then I shall destroy them with the Lightning and Fire of my Grand Judgement.



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