The Arena: Part 2

So, we’re still at the Arena. Nishant caught a nasty stomach bug and wasn’t able to compete today. Poor guy. I went to the infirmary to bring him some food, but they told me he had been throwing up all night and was sleeping. I left some soup and went with the others to compete. For our first competition, we fought a Chimera, and beat him pretty badly, to be honest. Then we competed in an obstacle course. The first challenge was a simple door, but after all we’ve encountered, we thought it might not be that simple. Next was a sweet little doggie with a key! Of course, he came to me easily and gave me the key. He was a sweet little fella, gotta say. Iwanted to take him home, but I couldn’t hide him in my clothes very well.. Then there was a huge buffet table. We had to keep eating until we found a key to the final door. Fryn got sick cause he ate a piece of lettuce. sigh Drow are so sad. Lucky for us, Klik has the stomach of a.. well.. a.. he has a big appetite, okay? He ate through almost everything before we finally found the key. Lucky for Fryn, we next got to make medicine for our over-full stomachs as the next challenge. We passed that challenge and went on to the next obstacle course. That one involved riding a horse across a wide chasm and being able to hold on. Fryn simply tight-rope-walked across, but the rest of us managed to barely hold on to the horse. Next there was an undead identification challenge. I called our zombie musical friend and he helped me identify the lich. Finally, there was a riddle. We all had to put our heads together to figure that one out, but we managed. After the obstacle courses, we fought a team called the Jed-I Knights. We thought it was going to be a pretty intese battle, but it turned out to be just a bunch of musicians playing their instruments and.. sort of fighting? It was an easy win, and an even easier win with one of the band members ;) We also fought a team of Minotaurs led by a female minotaur! I thought there were no such things as female minotaurs, but I guess there’s at least one. Some of my teammates were freaking out over the female’s symbol she wore around her neck. Even though we went in freaking out, they weren’t that tough. I managed to get in with one of the minotaurs as well. Man was that a ride! After the figh with the Chimera, I was kind of unwilling to fight any more of the monsters held captive. I gotta say the way these animals are treated is starting to get to me.. After we fought the Chimera, I went to talk to one of the authorities about having them released. He told me that it would be impossible to release them all, and that even releasing one would cost me, but after what we did to that poor chimera, I felt we had to set him free. The authority said the animals don’t die, but they do feel pain. I asked him if there was any way he could set up the amulet to prevent the animals from getting hurt, but still “take damage” so you would know when it was defeated. He said I would have to ask Stark, as he is the one who gave them their amulets in the first place. Lucky for me, I happen to know the guy! As soon as Nishant is feeling better, we’ll head to Angie’s Sigil.



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