Leaving the Orichelm and going to the Arena

After getting out of the hideout of the Sons of Ali, Nishant brought his findings and the recovered “biotoxin” to Ofnic for processing. After looking over the files he, nodded somberly. "As we feared the current regimen is doing nothing to alter the volatile nature of your sperm. But we have learned new information. Is seems your sperm is no longer ovacidic after it ceased to function, and it only actually killed the ova when it tried to bond with it. So from here you have three plans, maybe three, but I’ll tell you the top two. 1: you can take the other gene therapy drug, but it is unlikely to work 2: you are to seek out your father and determine from him why he did this to you. Also to help further our research, I need you to kill a Jaberwock and bring its blood back here for testing. One is rumored to live on the planet Athena.

Accepting all he had heard Nishant joined the others and prepared to disembark. But before that came to be, they were asked by guards from high watch to come with them. When asked why, they said they were to see the Orichelm. Nishant quickly agreed, as did Daenes when she learned there would be tea and cucumber sandwiches. The others followed reluctantly. The party was taken up to high watch and into the government building. After cleaning up they were directed down a long set of stairs to the dwelling of the Orichelm.

The party was admitted into the dwelling. On the inside they saw several other paths that were closed off. A wide singular path lead to what looks like the bow of a ship. A small opening is visible in it.

Upon entering they found themselves in a well outfitted dining/ meeting room. At the far end of the table stood a pale orc of many years.
“Welcome Jedi; Fryn Kenlyl, Klik, Deanes Hearsirretyn, Thon, and Nishant Deryn. Please sit.” After the party sat, he continued “I wanted to thank you for your efforts in recovering the Aasimorc’s sperm. You went above and beyond to aid us. Such devotion to your allies helps me know Nishant was set on the right path. Now as to the people you were capture by, The Sons of Ali. Many years ago, before my time as Orichelm, a deal was made between us and a being of infernal origin. The result was a string of orcs far more powerful than what we had been able to breed up to that point. The idea that the infernal heritage could influence the personality of these individuals was unbelievable to us. We strongly believed that every individual became who he was based on education. In this we were proven desperately wrong. Before we had realized our mistake the Sons of Ali, as they called themselves, had built an illegal underground that spanned this entire station and out into the stars. We tried as hard as we could to curb their infernal schemes, but even now they still work at some evil end.” After a little more discussion the party was dismissed with this pro ice from the Orichelm “Thank you again, and know that the Jedi and the Orichelm are allies forever more.”

From here the party traveled to the ares arena. After paying that months dues and getting their reward from the last moth they participated in, the party recommenced their ascension through the arena star system.



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