The following list of ships is divided into three categories (Empire, Alliance, Rebel). There are additionally organized alphabetically.

Ship Template


The Killer Louis – the Battleship turned transport ship owned by Headmaster Louis Traverser of Yavin


Inocence Searcher – A patrol ship. it is a fully garrisoned and armed.

Mechanist 1 – A fully automated ship of singular Empire design. it has been destroyed.


Arthropod – A modified Mantis. it is used for research and exploration by Henry Pim.

Eglacia – A modified Gnomish sidewheeler used as a personnel and supply transport.

Heironeic Order of the Flind – A Hunterkiller piloted by the Flind/Gnolls of Achaea on Silmarviraetalrovomistilarothislantea.

Infamous Thelma – A modified Angelship. it has a steel hull that makes it hardier for the battles it actively seeks out.

The Sand Runner – A ship that exclusively transports sand from Al-Qadime to Angie’s Sigil.

Trade Mater – A Monarch Armada used by the Orichelm as a trade ship.

Tranquil – A Nautiloid ship used for item transport.


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