Of Lightning and Fire
Inside the Conjuration Machine

From the work Log of Robert Stark: the Jedi returned today with Thor, Henry, and an Elven girl I had not met before, but in appearance I figured to be descended of Francis and that assassin/helmswoman GEC assigned to Grandfather Howard. I was proven right in this postulation, after talking to her. Henry has taking the usage of floor fifty five. His off sight research into insect psychology has been fascinating. on sight he seems more interested in studying my cousin, Ginger. I’ll have to make sure Janet knows he’s back, She’ll likely keep him busy with her wishes to “Keep the bloodline pure”. that’ll do. (Jarvis, removed that from the record. of course sir) Thor is the very symbol of the sulking Achilles. he sits on top of the Tower looking out into the stars. Lovesick and home sick if my perception check was any good.
Anyways for work completed today. I removed the cursed sword I had Fryn testing and bound a related design to a new tester named Torgash, gruff fellow, but respectful enough. I have designed several cast of the Jedi’s weapons and have placed them with the others. I am also rewrking the Ares amulets, so as to make them deaden all pain recieved by thier animal users, this in light that the younger generation is starting to view such sport as animal cruilty. I continue to fix the Conjuration machine as the Jedi find problem with it. But there seems to be something in their that fights my reparations.

They entered my domain. From whence they came I could not say. I expect the Builder let them in, as he continues to change the world after they pass over it. they have done little since they arrived. They visited the Architect and his allies. Such pithy copies are they. After leaving that Social Blender they ambled south. bypassing cipher they discover a port. The Builder attached more hardware there, further tying his amalgamate world to my domain. Moving southward they battled five bands of rodents, who the Builder now seeks to manipulate to his own ends. The Large Broad One set his hands aflame and they continued to burn for quite some time. They found their way to the sealed door of the Arena and tried fruitlessly to open it. Realizing the futility of their efforts they moved around east and southward. They crossed a narrow beam over the energy chasm. The God-Bound nearly joined the flow below, but his allies recover him. moving onward the Swords Wielder removed his shoes so that they could all pass through a gate. The visited the Constable, but did nothing else at the Holding pen. redoubled north they ascended to a most perfect from, but their fragile, mortal forms could not stand the change and degraded until they retook their physical forms. they wandered into the Bakery and purchased some sugar foods. The Many Armed pulled a blade on the Cipher P√Ętissier, but his design did not cause him to respond. These new people now postulate on how they shall further disturb my domain.
Were it in my power, I would strike them now, and claim their energies for this land, but bound as I am by the Builder, I may only observe them until they come to me. but at that time, Then I shall destroy them with the Lightning and Fire of my Grand Judgement.

The Arena: Part 2

So, we’re still at the Arena. Nishant caught a nasty stomach bug and wasn’t able to compete today. Poor guy. I went to the infirmary to bring him some food, but they told me he had been throwing up all night and was sleeping. I left some soup and went with the others to compete. For our first competition, we fought a Chimera, and beat him pretty badly, to be honest. Then we competed in an obstacle course. The first challenge was a simple door, but after all we’ve encountered, we thought it might not be that simple. Next was a sweet little doggie with a key! Of course, he came to me easily and gave me the key. He was a sweet little fella, gotta say. Iwanted to take him home, but I couldn’t hide him in my clothes very well.. Then there was a huge buffet table. We had to keep eating until we found a key to the final door. Fryn got sick cause he ate a piece of lettuce. sigh Drow are so sad. Lucky for us, Klik has the stomach of a.. well.. a.. he has a big appetite, okay? He ate through almost everything before we finally found the key. Lucky for Fryn, we next got to make medicine for our over-full stomachs as the next challenge. We passed that challenge and went on to the next obstacle course. That one involved riding a horse across a wide chasm and being able to hold on. Fryn simply tight-rope-walked across, but the rest of us managed to barely hold on to the horse. Next there was an undead identification challenge. I called our zombie musical friend and he helped me identify the lich. Finally, there was a riddle. We all had to put our heads together to figure that one out, but we managed. After the obstacle courses, we fought a team called the Jed-I Knights. We thought it was going to be a pretty intese battle, but it turned out to be just a bunch of musicians playing their instruments and.. sort of fighting? It was an easy win, and an even easier win with one of the band members ;) We also fought a team of Minotaurs led by a female minotaur! I thought there were no such things as female minotaurs, but I guess there’s at least one. Some of my teammates were freaking out over the female’s symbol she wore around her neck. Even though we went in freaking out, they weren’t that tough. I managed to get in with one of the minotaurs as well. Man was that a ride! After the figh with the Chimera, I was kind of unwilling to fight any more of the monsters held captive. I gotta say the way these animals are treated is starting to get to me.. After we fought the Chimera, I went to talk to one of the authorities about having them released. He told me that it would be impossible to release them all, and that even releasing one would cost me, but after what we did to that poor chimera, I felt we had to set him free. The authority said the animals don’t die, but they do feel pain. I asked him if there was any way he could set up the amulet to prevent the animals from getting hurt, but still “take damage” so you would know when it was defeated. He said I would have to ask Stark, as he is the one who gave them their amulets in the first place. Lucky for me, I happen to know the guy! As soon as Nishant is feeling better, we’ll head to Angie’s Sigil.

Leaving the Orichelm and going to the Arena

After getting out of the hideout of the Sons of Ali, Nishant brought his findings and the recovered “biotoxin” to Ofnic for processing. After looking over the files he, nodded somberly. "As we feared the current regimen is doing nothing to alter the volatile nature of your sperm. But we have learned new information. Is seems your sperm is no longer ovacidic after it ceased to function, and it only actually killed the ova when it tried to bond with it. So from here you have three plans, maybe three, but I’ll tell you the top two. 1: you can take the other gene therapy drug, but it is unlikely to work 2: you are to seek out your father and determine from him why he did this to you. Also to help further our research, I need you to kill a Jaberwock and bring its blood back here for testing. One is rumored to live on the planet Athena.

Accepting all he had heard Nishant joined the others and prepared to disembark. But before that came to be, they were asked by guards from high watch to come with them. When asked why, they said they were to see the Orichelm. Nishant quickly agreed, as did Daenes when she learned there would be tea and cucumber sandwiches. The others followed reluctantly. The party was taken up to high watch and into the government building. After cleaning up they were directed down a long set of stairs to the dwelling of the Orichelm.

The party was admitted into the dwelling. On the inside they saw several other paths that were closed off. A wide singular path lead to what looks like the bow of a ship. A small opening is visible in it.

Upon entering they found themselves in a well outfitted dining/ meeting room. At the far end of the table stood a pale orc of many years.
“Welcome Jedi; Fryn Kenlyl, Klik, Deanes Hearsirretyn, Thon, and Nishant Deryn. Please sit.” After the party sat, he continued “I wanted to thank you for your efforts in recovering the Aasimorc’s sperm. You went above and beyond to aid us. Such devotion to your allies helps me know Nishant was set on the right path. Now as to the people you were capture by, The Sons of Ali. Many years ago, before my time as Orichelm, a deal was made between us and a being of infernal origin. The result was a string of orcs far more powerful than what we had been able to breed up to that point. The idea that the infernal heritage could influence the personality of these individuals was unbelievable to us. We strongly believed that every individual became who he was based on education. In this we were proven desperately wrong. Before we had realized our mistake the Sons of Ali, as they called themselves, had built an illegal underground that spanned this entire station and out into the stars. We tried as hard as we could to curb their infernal schemes, but even now they still work at some evil end.” After a little more discussion the party was dismissed with this pro ice from the Orichelm “Thank you again, and know that the Jedi and the Orichelm are allies forever more.”

From here the party traveled to the ares arena. After paying that months dues and getting their reward from the last moth they participated in, the party recommenced their ascension through the arena star system.

Redoubled Efforts and Retcons
Two stories from Two Times

Diviner’s Report
The Jedi overtook the throne room. Fight as we did we were unable to keep them or the Assimorc. Luckily the Regent and the high priest of Azog both escaped. Going forward I suggest we be more careful when dealing with the Assimorc, as useful,as he may prove to our ends, he is not our ally.

From the Journal of Adam Young
I was visited by some adventurers some months ago. As they walked through my undead theme park, they never acted to strike down my workers. For this discretion and a lack of options I have requested that they aid me in learning the identity of my songs’ subjects. I fave started them with a test and will reward them well if they prove wise in this.

An excerpt from the journal of Fryn Kenlyl

Having received instructions to recover some sensitive biological material of Nishant’s stolen from the Orichelm, our group divided to pursue different avenues of inquiry. Ships were canvassed, help was sought from temple priests, magic was detected and labs were investigated. While little was gained in our first day of such inquiry, a tavern in the lower portion of the settlement was reported to be exhibiting strange magical emanations. We arrived at the tavern, and Nishant determined the subterranean location of the biological material through use of Detect Magic. Only he and Daenis were allowed into the cellar, but a commotion eventually brought the rest of us to their aid. Surprisingly, we were all swallowed by a floor (there are still new experiences to be had, even for one as well-traveled as I) and taken prisoner.

Our incarceration was not to last, however. Thon cast a spell that opened every door in the area, causing quite a bit of chaos. Klik — never truly unarmed — cut through our captors, and I found that I may never get far enough from my broken magical sword to be rid of it. Nevertheless, we made the acquaintance of some hobgoblins who had been imprisoned nearby and were being experimented on horribly, possibly using the genetic material I reluctantly mentioned above. While evil by nature, the hobgoblins have less than no reason to betray their only hope of leaving the Orichelm, so I believe they will be valuable allies.

Speaking of valuable allies, it appears the Orichelm are not such. While it can be assumed that the faction that has taken us prisoner is a rogue element within the Orichelm, they nevertheless have carved an impressive operation for themselves under the not-so-watchful eye of the Orichelm. How far their influence extends can be estimated by the number of orcs we’ve already slain, and more yet await. If the Orichelm is not specifically complicit in this operation, they’ve done very little to abate it. And the monstrosity that appears to lead it was, like Nishant, a creation of the Orichelm. I think we need to be prepared for the possibility that the Orichelm as a whole is not to be trusted or aided.

Of Oni and Demons

“This is unheard of,” bellowed the Balor, “In only three months we have lost two of our own. In seventeen hundred and sixty years we have never lost one of our own. Who has caused this devastation!” All of the pirates in his throne room fell silent. They served at his will. A will that shifted like the waves on Aquarius. None wished his ire to settle on them. Like a glance, a woman walked through the crowd. Her voluptuous form drew the gaze of all in room who were willing to look up. She stepped past the pirates with the dexterity and grace of a dancer, only brushing her body against the members of the crowd she wished to entice. Emerging from among them, she stood directly before the Balor. Her intense red eyes locked on his. “What do you want, Consort!?”
She unfurled her wings, each six feet long. Her gaze burned hotter. “Cool your temper, and I will answer your question.”
The Balor lunged forward. His own wings expanded to their twenty-four foot extent. He bared his teeth face to face with her. “I will not be ordered around by a Succubus!” using her as a distraction, many in the room took the opportunity to exit. For a long moment the Balor and Succubus locked eyes. The Balor broke away, Closing his wings. “Fine, tell me who is killing my representatives. The rest of you out.” The remaining pirates hurried their pace, nearly bowling over those that had tried to sneak out earlier. “Speak, Harlot.”
The Succubus closed her wings to drape her like a cloak “It is my daughter—”
“Of course she is a thorn in our side.”The Balor balked a her sat down on the throne
“Allow me to continue. For twenty six years she has grown in her hatred of us. Up until this year she has just been blowing steam, but three months ago she met with some Jedi on Angie’s Sigil. It was there that she told them of her plan to kill all of the representatives. unlike most other travelers she talked to, these were interested in helping her. And also unlike usual she didn’t back down from the offer. For the first time in her entire life, she put her knowledge of our people against us.”
“That was who killed the Dretch, what about the Bar-Lgura?”
“The same again, she met with them on the moon of Silantea. From there she took them to The SREotOM. Once they landed outside Kotie-no ie, they took an air barge to the forest-jungle. There they were directed to intercept the Bar-Lgura as he fled from the louder Ogre Magi hunters. As it happened the Bar-Lgura dodged past the Jedi and Thelma without issue, but his band of orangutan were seen and fought as they followed him.
“During the course of that battle they killed a female that the Bar-Lgura had favored as a bed mate. Upon seeing her fall he entered the fray and died trying to kill thelma for killing his mate. After his death, the Drow Jedi carved from his skin two long strips of hide. That done they returned to her ship and left the planet.”
“Where are they now?” demanded the Balor.
“From the SREotOM the traveled to the Orichelm. The station there is currently on lock down due to the theft of a bio-toxin. It is rumored the bio-toxin has something to do with one of the Jedi, the Aasimorc, Nishant Deryn. Now the Jedi party is said to be seeking it out.”
“The Assimorc,” The Balor stroked his chin contemplatively. “My soul recalls something of this, why?” He pondered for a moment in silence. The Succubus stood before him as motionless as a statue. Suddenly an epiphany came to the Balor, “Nisroc…”

Hunting the Black Mist
An excerpt from the journal of Fryn Kenlyl

My comrades and I began an investigation into the cause of a sickness affecting a number of inhabitants of the island of Acadia. While such pursuits are usually outside of our jurisdiction, it was a pre-requisite for recruiting Heather — granddaughter of the elf Stark requested — to Stark’s team on Angie’s Sigil.

We quickly came to the conclusion that we were looking at an unnatural effect rather than a contagion. Having witnessed what we believed to be possession on this island before, that was our leading supposition.

Thon and I canvassed temples in the city to see what knowledge the locals had of similar effects. It was mostly fruitless and forced me into contact with the temple of Pelor or Helios or Sol or whatever the local sun god is called. It was unpleasant and unhelpful, as sun gods tend to be.

Meanwhile, our comrades investigated the location where we’d encountered the mist-like creature possessing the dead bodies of gnolls. They also found little of interest.

That night, a disturbance took place throughout the city. Residents in some way close to the local tailor were all forced to clumsily attack locations containing the visiting Jedi. They were quickly subdued, and the tailor was found near the watchtower the next morning.

We questioned those who had been near the tailor both before and after his drastic change in behaviour to learn that he’d become possessed while purchasing food at the market square. From there, we found a clear line of sight to the previous victim, giving us an idea of how the possession spreads. Thon posited a number of psionic abilities would allow a powerful psionic creature to do all the things we were witnessing, but we had no way to detect a creature using psionic power. Knowing the creature had left the tailor, we put out word to watch everyone in the area for signs of unusual behaviour.

Not long thereafter, we received a report of a soldier outside the city walls who was acting in an inconsistent manner. Our questions were little help, but Nishant used a spell to detect a malign presence in the soldier’s head. We were briefly attacked by the guards posted around the infected soldier, further convincing us that we had discovered the creature’s latest victim. We removed him to the cave under the lake for questioning.

It wasn’t a very effective interrogation, so I intended to kill the possessed creature to force the mist-thing to manifest again. My comrades didn’t see the prudence of my plan, so I left them to their questioning and reported to Heather (not a bad person for a pale elf). The creature apparently broke its bonds while I was gone, and both the mist-thing (a powerful psionicist of some kind) and his host were killed. I arrived to see the body and briefly chide my fellows for not allowing me to conclude this matter sooner.

I regret the loss of life the creature caused. I don’t know its motivations or nature, but to kill so many in such a short time — even if it was to sustain its own life — is not indicative of a life force whose loss I will regret. And thus we gained our second Avenger.

From Thor Back to the Flynd

On our continued quest to assemble the Avengers, we made it to the planet Thor. We first docked at a military ship flying above the ever-thundering clouds. After asking around, we were told that the deity Thor could be found in a volcano on the planet surface. We made it through the clouds and down to the volcano. It was treacherous trying to make it down the volcano to find an entrance, and on the way we were attacked by some zappy wind thingies. We all saw a door and managed to jump to it, with a bit of landing on top of each other. Once inside the volcano, we came across several small blue creatures. I was ready to fight them to make our way to Thor, but Fryn came up with the idea to bribe the little things instead. Turns out, we didn’t need to waste any gold on them; they like shiny glow rocks that Thon can make just as well. They told us which paths to take to find Thor. When we finally came to his room, we saw a man lying under two Manticores. We quickly realized he needed help and we all fought them off. After a quick introduction we realized this was indeed Thor God of Thunder. He seemed to be missing his famous hammer however. We didn’t have much time to talk before we were attacked by even more Manticores. Then this crazy wind lady (who was super hot by the way) brought even more of the freakin spiny lions and we all almost died fighting her and her little beasties off. Turns out she was just pissed Thor wouldn’t join her little demi-god party. Women can be so petty… and yes.. I get the irony. Shush. Anyway, to thank us, Thor let us check out his sweet treasury. Although to be honest the best treasure would have been a night with that hunk of man sandwhich but he claims his heart is taken. sigh oh well. I can still dream about those arms. Thor joined us on our way to Silmarviraetalrovomistilarothislantea to fetch Francis for the team. I wish I had realized who he was last time. Would have saved us a trip. Although, turns out, he’s not interested in joining the Avengers and has quite a beef with Thor. After making us wait an inconsiderate amount of time, Francis did offer up his granddaughter to go in his place. But of course, as with all elves, there was a catch. (Again, yes, I get the irony. Shush.) Turns out his granddaughter, Heather, is helping the Flynd deal with some sort of disease or what not. Our ships crew were not eager to return and possibly die, so we hitched a ride from the Elven Consortium to the Flynd’s home. When we arrived, Heather gave us a quick rundown of this disease. The Flynd first show signs of the disease by falling into a coma lasting up to 4 days, then disorientation, then a slow steady withering of the infected (constitution damage), then almost always followed by a coma, then follows more disorientation and always ends in death. The sick have been magically quarantined, but somehow the disease is still spreading. The fact that it can pass through magical containment has us thinking this could be a psionic disease or parasite. We shall have to investigate further. I also wonder if this could be connected to the creature we fought last time we were here. We shall have to see.

The Last few days
Recap for a couple sessions

After we were mind raped by the great faer, we went to retrieve Thor the Norse god from Thor the planet.

We landed on what seemed to be a flying military city. Although I am not well versed in demihuman creatures, it seemed as if these humans were some amalgamation of the demihuman races. Their garb, much like the ship, was made of sturdy patchwork. Their commander gave us directions to the dormant volcano in which he believed Thor was staying. Rather politely, they allowed us to use one of their away boats to travel to the volcano. Since Thor, the planet, is called plains of thunder, I decided to leave my swords on the ship and go on with staves.

Once there, we surveyed the top, and chose at seemingly random a side to descend.

On our descent right before we found an entry way into the mountain, we were met three balls of lighting. Although they were not threatening, we were certain that contact with them would not be pleasant. Thon created a large spider web down the mountain to catch us, and all of us except Nishant jumped to it. Nishant was cornered by two of them, and after a failed attempt to hit one of the lightning orbs, proved our suspicion about touching them correct. He cam tumbling down the mountain to meet us.

As we adjusted to the dark, Thon passed us glowing stones. I held two of them high in the air to give ample light for all of us.

We were soon met by small blue humanoids. We bribed them and their cousins in the next room to direct us down the mountain. They did not seem pleased with Thor, the Norse god, and were placated by the fact that we would be taking him with us.

Right after we left the blue humanoids, we were swarmed by electric bats. Despite the obvious danger,Fryn, our Clutch leader, advised that we not retaliate as we were the ones trespassing. Nishant and the ever unnaturally aggressive Thon seemed not satisfied by this plan. Thon rammed to of them as he charged across the room, and Nishant follow after a minute or two.

I our great haste to leave the room, we failed to notice that the next hallway was a trap, and we all went sliding down the corridor. At the end of the hall, we were met by the end of a spear. Some humans who had set the trap showed us to Thor’s, the Norse god, room.

When we entered, we saw Thor, the Norse god, Pinned under a lion-bodied-monster. The monster had, as stated, the body of a lion with large spikes running down its spine and clustered at the end of the tail. It had giant bat like wings, and the face of an old dwarf with sharp teeth. To add to the fun four more of these monsters also greeted us.

I began shouting orders, and we sprung into action. Through combination of teamwork and a enlarged Thor, the Norse god, we killed all the monsters.

When we thought the battle was won, a woman descended in a whirlwind with four more of the monsters. The woman who remained out of our reach cast a spell and bound Daenes, Nishant, and my appendages. Thor, the Norse god, set Nishant free, Daenes wrenched here manacle’s apart, and I burned mine of with acid. As we fought and downed the monsters, the woman spread combustibles around the battle field. once all her pets, the monsters, were killed she st the room on fire. knowing what was about to happen, I got Nishant’s Katana and blew away a portion of the combustibles so he and Fryn could avoid the fire. When the fire went off, I was knocked unconscious.

When I came to, Thor, the Norse god, had taken us into his treasure room. He then expounded to us and some other subterranean dwellers how he defeated some envious god. As he described it, Fryn tossed him a magical hammer. He then threw that into the other god three times and on the final retrieval gained his hammer Mjolnir from the now dead god.

Personally I do not remember Fryn ever having a hammer so I doubt this story is the complete truth.

Thor, the Norse god, then Invited each of us to select one item from his treasure trove as a gift of friendship. After Nishant mentioned wanting to find a magical item, I attuned to the natural vibration and found a few suits of armor that he and Daenes took. I got a small white rock.

While my companions picked through the the horde and bought other items, I went back to the room where we found Thor, the Norse god. I ritualistically ate the bodies of the monsters to absorb their strength. As none of my companions would appreciate the ritual, I did not bring attention to my actions at the time at the time.

Dream Sequence
An excerpt from the journal of Fryn Kenlyl

It seems we encountered a creature whose name sounds like “greater fear,” though I’m sure that’s not how it’s spelled. It caused us all to share hallucinations of our greatest fears, though Thon was surprisingly immune, along with the ship’s captain and possibly Daenis’s parrot.

First we arrived at an Orichelm outpost that was strangely contained in its own crystal sphere. I immediately suspected something was wrong. The captain and Daenis’s parrot were both missing, though where they could have gone could not be imagined. We entered the outpost, and every orc (or half-orcs, as they seemed to be) who came into contact with Nishant died of a contagion he was apparently carrying. Hoping that our departure might make things better and knowing that our presence would only make things worse, we set sail again.

Not long after that, we encountered a neogi ship. We boarded it and were defeated horribly by its crew and taken as slaves. While I have the impression that we were imprisoned for a tremendous duration of time, the experience is thankfully not clear in my mind.

Some time later, we were ransomed by what appeared to be Jedi Master Hoth. He took us to aid in the defense of an embattled planet where we again faced off with our Sith rivals from Zeus. They seemed to have not aged despite the number of years it had been since we’d last seen them. Thinking back, I can’t remember now if I had aged, either. Needless to say, the planet fell in a continuation of our gallery of failures.

Next we faced off against a manifestation of the beast that was causing these visions. Though I’d become convinced of the illusory nature of our experiences up to this point, I now thought we’d broken free of its grasp and had the chance to destroy it. However, we would prove once again unequal to the task. The creature destroyed us, and we found ourselves back on the deck of the flind ship. Thon was burning the creature from our shared hallucination, and it seemed the captain had participated in its destruction, as well.

All in all, we lost little as a result of the attack. It was an overall humbling experience, and after a number of successes culminating in our infiltration and escape of Zeus itself, perhaps that’s for the best. We all faced the things we fear most and had to accept that there may be challenges we cannot yet overcome. I found it difficult to dwell on at first, but several hours of Reverie put the experience in perspective as a very brief unpleasantness in the scope of an otherwise enlightening — if not productive — existence. I do not doubt that we will all have difficulty facing neogi or our Sith rivals when next we meet, though.

We continue on our way to reunite the interplanetary team Stark asked us to assemble in order to thwart the avaricious plans of the Empire and their Sith lapdogs. May the Force be with us.


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