Of Birdpeople

From the journal of Fryn Kenlyl.

From Angie’s Sigil, we contracted a vessel called Tranquil to take us to our next destination. I feared it might be an ironic name, but that was not the case. The crew were quite pleasant for the duration of the journey, and they had some business at our destination, as well. I suspected them of smuggling, but my attempts to find proof thereof were fruitless.

As we approached the planet, our ship was struck by many arrows. Though they did no harm to the vessel, it did cause us to wonder what kind of reception we might receive on this collection of floating rocks.

After setting down safely, we delivered the missive, an agreement of some kind between the settlers of this very strange rock and the Alliance. We also inquired as to the source of the arrows we were struck by, and the settlers told us of a hostile race of bird people. Thinking it wise to intervene while we were here, we trekked across the alien planet to find these hostiles and reason with them.

We happened first upon a tribe of bird people who were not nearly as hostile as we’d been led to believe, and we made the offering of peace to them. Having done so, we were then approached by a different race of bird people who we were then obligated to transfer our offering to. I’m regretful that we had to take back the tribute from the more kindly natives, but so it goes. We agreed upon a meeting place for the hostiles to meet the settlers and work out some kind of treaty whereby all might be appeased.

En route to the meeting, Daenes suggested convincing the more friendly bird people to ally with the settlers against the hostiles. While I fear the situation will inevitably come to that, I was loathe to push the planet’s inhabitants toward hostility if I could avoid (or even delay) it.

In the end, we reached an agreement that satisfied no one, with the additional threat of Allied intervention if the settlers continue to be harassed by the bird people. While we knew the Alliance couldn’t spare military personnel for such an engagement, we hoped the threat might maintain the fragile balance we struck.

Now on our way once again, I have time to contemplate our actions of the past few days and the delicate nature of balance. The peace we bartered for perches on a razor’s edge, and it may fall at any time. Balance is a narrow target, with a small step to either side resulting in an imbalance that perpetuates itself by its very nature. I believe it is the Force that has kept such an imbalance from occurring in the multiverse and causing all of existence to plummet into a permanent state of imbalance. This is our charge as Jedi, and today — if just for a time — we succeeded.

Of Ships and Wandering Teams
The pretty orc forgets.


I swear, I’m still not good with this stuff. I feel like I’m better suited to hiding someplace tidy and taking notes instead of getting elbow deep in things like space battles. Which, of course, is exactly what happened. Our ship engaged in battle with several Neogi vessels. We survived (not necessarily thanks to me) and that is really the best of the news. Nasty beasties, those (says the orc…).

But we returned to Angie’s Sigil. It’s almost feeling like home, but not really. No dirt-kissing here. Utterly unproductive to do so.

We followed up on a rather large neon sign which led us up an impressively tall tower. Our new side-employer seems to be missing some friends of his and wants us to keep an eye out for them while we’re travelling. It seems… like he could probably do this for himself, but what the hey, it keeps us moving, right? Maybe there will even be money involved.

I think I heard something about a magical mystery musical tour or something happening, but that part when mostly over my head. That little bard of ours is… entertaining? Curious? Odd? Whacked off his nut? I’m still not sure.

I’m still not sure about a lot of things.

So Long Angelic Halberdier
An expedition that was Wirth the time.

I delved deep into the snake infested ruins. I was leading an academic expedition into this long lost treasure trove. There were six people in our team, three researcher (A drow, a saurial and and an orc), A servant boy Gnome, and a gorgeous Half-Elf halberdier. The sun shone in her blond/white hair. So where was I? right. I had just used my torch to kill the Mummy Cloth. With it dead and the leaver pulled I led the saurial, the drow, and the servant boy out of the animated snake gut passage. We climbed the thirty feet back to the path above. The others could manage by themselves, but I had to carry the servant boy because he was too week to manage it himself.
We met back up with the Orc and the Divine Elven woman. From there we set ourselves to travel up a deep underwater river. I had planned to carry the servant, but the orc decided to take him so I could carry the torch. We waded into the river. To start with it was up to our waists. After nearing the headwaters it was to our necks. I held the torch high, so it wouldn’t be put out. The servant selfishly pushed the orc down so he could be higher above the water. We were able find the hidden chamber here and climbed to dry land. The clothing of the Halbedier clung to her skin to show the perfect silhouette of her glorious form. I thanked the Loregiver for this small blessing.
We proceeded into the chamber. We knew of the treasure that this room held but not of its danger. As we entered there came from above us a hissing noise. I was further in the room, and this was unable to stop what followed. The servant was still being held by the orc. From above a giant cobra stuck out. It grabbed the gnome intent on making him its next meal. The others tried to free him, but to little avail, then I charged back. bounding from one pillar to another, I stuck the cobra with both my sword and the torch. This damage caused it to release the gnome and retreat. With the snake out of the way, we searched the room and acquired its treasure. That done we moved on.
We passed into another room with snakes hanging from the ceiling. The cowardly servant boy refused to enter. I lead the others in. Cautiously I push another leaver, for I did not know what traps might be there. I hear a clucking noise, but nothing else happened. We determined after this to search the only remaining passage. There we encountered a zealot from an underground kingdom. He shot at us with his bow for trying to infiltrate his city. The Angel of Battle tried to talk some sense into him, but he would have none of it. I planned to cross the room to the treasure door. I knew I could evade his attacks. Without warning I charged across the room. I would have been across without issue had not the Gnome tried to follow me. He tripped and I went back to pick him up. An arrow sailed right for us. It was stopped before it made its mark. the Saurial had placed himself between us and the arrow. in that one shot he was dead. I took the gnome and made it to the treasure door.
We bolstered ourselves in that room. The Gnome began to talk about the meaning of the pictures on the walls. He seemed not to care for the falling of his fellow man. I looked around the room and found the Lamp we had been sent to retrieve. I picked it up and put it in my bag. I opened the door and readied to run to the other side. The snake man zealot still fired on me. I could not advance as it was. the Orc, Drow and the Deific beauty determined this and together they drew fire for me. I ran across the room as soon as it was safe. Sadly in their taking fire for me, the Drow was unable to deflect enough arrows and was felled.
So the four of us that remained left the ruins as fast as we could. We closed the door and rested outside. In the night the Gnome took many of the spoils and ran away. Luckily the Lamp was in my backpack/pillow, so he was unable to steal it. The next morning we spent some time looking for him, but he was long gone. We traveled on. With fewer party members we tried to avoid combat as much as possible. After three days of walking we made it back to Zakhara The orc was eager to get back to his research, but the Half-Elf-divine convinces him to rest one night before leaving. During that night, she entered my bed chamber at the inn and gave me a wonderful goodbye kiss… The kind that lasts all night?… We had sex! seriously you didn’t get the innuendos? the next day she flew off and I watched her go.

He finished his story and entire bar looked on in awe. From the back of the room a man piped up, “Who are you again?”
The story teller looked at him in disbelief, " you don’t know my name? I promise it’s one you’ll want to remember."
“What is it?”
“The name’s Wirth, Lester Wirth.”

On with the cat box
There is literally no part of me that the sand has not touched

We are still in the bloody desert. One of the monsters with bells attacked Fryn while we were sleeping. We killed it. I got its bell: it is a clapper.

I doubt that Daenes is one of them. She is decidedly more curvy and her head faces the correct way on her shoulders.

I helped Fryn get up after he was attacked and gave him some spaham and water. He and Lester Worth both liked it. not that I am surprised. Worth(less) had more than his share; I’ll have to stock up when it is available.

The next day, I gave the last of my water to a friggin’ wolf-were that proceeded to attack me. I swear if i get turned because of this, I will hunt him down and eat him. That may look a bit like a mouse fighting a rat. When he saw the rest of us, and a couple of us knocked some sense into him, he ran off.

After we refilled our wineskins, we headed off again.

I think everyone else is beginning to hate the heat as much as I am. I did not see Daenes taking notes like she had for the last few days. It could be that I just didn’t see it. Looking at her is like staring into the sun. Not because she is all that bright or hot, just because he arms are so far above my head I have too up as if I were looking at the sun.

I think we found the tomb of the Lamp of Everburn. it was guarded by an angry sandcastle that knocked all but Thon and I unconscious. I jumped on Thon’s back and he charged it. He smashed it into the wall of the temple and finished it off with a right hook.

I was utterly useless and may have gotten altitude sickness, but it was sweet.

Once the sand castle was dead, the rest of our party, including Worth(less), woke up. I may be laying into him a little hard. I mean there is no way anyone can be that useless and not know. I may have gone a little far when I knighted him though. When we come back up, I should break it to him that I am not qualified to knight anyone.

Once in the temple, we wondered around, and an undead cat jumped out of its urn. I wanted to leave to its unrest, but somebody said we should stop it. I tried to sooth it, and it jumped at my face. What about my face make it a good target? It must have been proximity. Thon hit the bad kitty with his staff, and it turned to powder as it contacted the wall.

I am confused as to why it woke up even though we had not disturbed its resting place. The dead in Egyptian tombs stays dead unless you touch the treasure, but we had not touched the treasure. This break from what should be has erased all doubt that we are not in the relm of a necromancer.

We explored some more and had to kill more cats and a few skeletons. We walked up and down a river in the dungeon. correction: I swam or was carried through the river, everyone else walked.

We came to a broken bridge. As we neared the end of it, a giant snake with arms jumped out of the water below at us. I verbalized my lack of commitment to the mission and ran away. Correction: Nishant was holding me so I verbalized my lack of commitment to the mission and ran in place in the air.

Seconds later I was at the end of the sauriel’s pole and was being lowered down to a balcony above us. I checked the passages and found the easy way around for everyone else.

There was a walkway below the balcony. Fryn jumped of the edge and did a flip and roll as he landed with ease. I followed with two rusty swords that we got from the skeletons. I did not break anything, but had to let one sword clatter down the hall as I landed. Thon stepped down to the walkway.

We went up the snake like hallway, and entered a room with a lever and a skeleton with a cloth wrapped around it. As I reached the lever, the cloth rapped around my head. my head again. What is with this place? After much ado that I don’t really remember, Fryn sliced cloth like a gensu ninja.

We flipped the lever, and headed back to the other two.

Yeh Tunah
They come

Across the sand they pattered. Resting at night, a bell man came upon them. He attempted to drain the life out of the pitch skinned one. The others denied him this meal. he ran away. after morning they met evil light dweller. A dog-man. It struct the short one, but, pity, he still walks. They came closer. The sentinel the surface dwellers placed at this temple tried to turn them away. He was banished by the giant. Into the passage they delved. They met the feline guards the necromancer above set to guard his rest. Something aught be done to replace them. They killed also the men of old. In the waterways they rested and played. They viewed the allies of the water, but kindred Marls did not their numbers reduce. Further on they forged. Over and above, around and down, that way they came to the first room of rooms. the Rag that lives assailed the short one, then the giant in turn. Stuck and killed was it by pitch skin and the giant.

Do we know why they come this way?

In our field of vision they have told us not.

Have our diviners speculated on a reason.

They expect the surface comes below to spy on our great kingdom.

That cannot be permitted to occur. Bother in scales, servant as I of the highest bread and of Merrshaulk, Take now with you your bow and from the high ground before the door stand. fend off this incursion. I too, with what fellows I may gather, shall come and guard behind you. If these spies into our city march and through the our homes to the high levels trek, then we shall all come to not. Go now with all haste they have not much further to go. Take with you also the Dagger of Sealing. If it comes to such an act, seal the door and keep them out.

Daenes Heasirretyn Rouses herself from this strange day dream. Weird.

Landing on the sand box
Do you feel de-hy... *faint*

Journal entry five days after i noticed my watch was broken. (i doubt it is five days after the start of the semester)

We landed on Al-Qadem after I briefed the others on the planet’s specs. it is dry; it is hot; it sucks. As I left the plane, the crew gave me more gold than was deserved for helping protect the ship and for the performance I did on the ship. At the same time, everyone else found or got gold for various reasons except Thon and Master Vincent. It was a sudden windfall for us. Weird.

Master Vincent had some business to attend to so the rest of us did whatever until evening.

Nishant andDaenes whent to the market to hire some people for First Station. I think they hired two. I’m not really sure why they are hiring people, but whatever flies their spelljammer.

I don’t know what Thon and Fryn were doing. Something useful but boring I’d guess.

I went to the edge of the market and putt on a short show before Fluffy got over-heated. I earned enough for a night’s stay. Are all of the Jedi masters cheap or is this a Vincent thing? I really hope he doesn’t read this. I mean what is a priest supposed to do: they have to give all but a tiny of the funds for getting suited up back when they are done? Can they buy a hamster and sell it after they give back the money? it would be helpful.

When the sun started to go down, we met Vincent and this high and mighty guy asks us why we should be allowed to get the Lamp of Everburn. I looked him right in the knee caps and said, "We are the jedi: moral compass of the universe. If we say we need the lamp, you say, “Yes, sir.” And, “How can help?”

Okay, I didn’t say that, but i really wanted to. Mostly we said we would keep it safe, and the empire would destroy his town to get it. It worked.

His assistant gave us a map and [b]asked[/b] if we would map the wild life in the area, and Daenes said yes. Wait what? we are on a mission from the jedi council. We help people, but we are on a mission. Also it is a friggin’ desert. I hate aired climates.

That night Fryn got us a guide from the tavern. Why the tavern? isn’t there like a guides guild? They could call it “Guide’s Guild.” Simple not hard at all. Human culture is so messed up. We could have gone to a guild and hired a “Northern’ Guide 1st Class” instead of “Mr.-I’ve-never-been-to-the-northern-desert-before.” I mean we have a map what do… I think I got off track

I bought two new wine skins with silver ornamentation. I’m going to assume other people had them too, but I’ve only seen Thon’s.

We planned our route to check all the points the assistant wanted us to visit. I hope we will go back to town right after we get the lamp.

Daenes and i left our animals with Master Vincent. I hope he takes good care of him while I’m gone. He’s probably going to have him turned into spa-ham so he doesn’t have to pay for rations. Why not sell the parrot for money instead of my Fluffy? Be positive.

We met plenty of “fun” monsters in the desert: centipedes, scorpions, a not-as dead-as-he-should-be captain, and a flying horse man.

The horse man wanted our help spying out monsters that wear bells. Daenes keeps hiding her bell. I think she may be an operative for the bell wearing monsters, but as long as she doesn’t get in the mission’s way, I really don’t care.

We found a crashed spelljammer. it didn’t have a helm. It was probably downed by low life raiders who steal ship parts and sell them as used parts. The captain was dead on the ship. Well, he was when I saw him. After I left the ship to cover my feet, the guy got up! Thon, Fryn, and Deanes put him back down.

I told everyone that he was alive because of some Egyptian reverence for the dead and their tombs, but there is probably a necromancer around. We are all doomed.

Daenes should have packed more clothes. She bunked with the mostly-useless guide for warmth. Nights have colder without Fluffy to snuggle into.

We met some giants and giant goats. I fell asleep after dinner. For as big as he is, it is hard to believe that Thon is a vegetarian. He may even be an herbivore. I’d have to see his teeth to know.

So it is the second or so day in this blistering stupid sun, and we still don’t have the lamp.

Graduation - Approch to Al-Qadim
An exert from the journal of Vincent Haloven

Another graduation ceremony, we had one two years ago, but I guess we’re in a hurry to rush the greenhorns to their graves. it was expectantly long winded, but the food afterwards was good. That’s when Headmaster Telemachus gave me my new orders. I was to watch over five Padawans as they did simple missions for the Alliance. This is who they were the Aasimorc Nishant Deryn a Drow, a Gnome, A Grey Elf/Assimar namedDaenes Heasirretyn, and something called a Horn Head Sauriel. This group is proof that we accept anyone.

We left Odysseus on Headmaster Louis’s ship The Killer Louis I was introduced to my wards while still on the ship. Their files didn’t do them justice, and not in a good way. the Aasimorc, who is hailed as the current pinnacle of orcish development, seems to be little more than an awkward kid who just hit puberty. The Drow has not only the expected level of fighting nature for his species, but also a level of angst that would make a half-elf gawk at him in emo pride. Speaking of half-elves, this one doesn’t posses a single wick of half-blood angst. She is outgoing and very conversation. She also doesn’t wear a lot in the way of clothes. I understand that she is from a tropical climate, and can excuse her fashion choice for that. But that doesn’t make it any easier not to stare at her jugs. I do believe I have resisted the temptation for the most part, which is more than I can say for the Aasimorc.

The Sauriel is by far the least annoying of the group. He doesn’t speak. I find this a refreshing pace compared to the Elf and the Gnome. I do however smell an aura of condescension always exuding from the Sauriel’s pores. The Gnome has a pet Gerbil and a Giant Hamster…. He parades these two around and tries to make money off of them everywhere we go. Daenes also has a pet, but it is only a small song bird, and she keeps it under control, unlike the Gnome’s circus.

So our first orders are to retrieve a magical item from the desert north of Al-quadim’s port town of Zakhara. I don’t know much more about the item than that.

When Headmaster Louis’s ship landed on First Station, we disembarked and I set the Padawans to finding a ship to take us to Al-Qadim. I rested in he Enclave. I shared a drink with Alden, who was the ranking Jedi of the enclave. his stick in the mud attitude reminded me to be less like that myself. A few hours after sending them out, the Gnome came back emphatic that we take the Iglacia. He convinced the rest of the party and we set off in the bucket of bolts the next morning.

During the ensuing trip we were attacked by greater pirates. I found it a welcome reprieve from the hamster’s half ring circus. the Sauriel and Drow guarded the right side of the ship, and the Elf and Aasimorc guarded the left. The Gnome and the iglacia’s engineer the ship left the ship and attacked the outside of the enemy ship. After a while the ship’s Captain recruited the elf, and the Drow to go with him to the other ship’s bridge. The Helmsman took the Aasimorc to clean out the other ship’s stores. The Sauriel and the Gnome, when he returned from outside, stayed with me to clean up the bodies and give them impromptu funeral rights.

The others returned and we went on our way. the Drow and Elf told about how the pirate ship had been captained by a mechanical replica of Griff the Giff. I wasn’t there so I don’t know, but I won’t doubt them.

Attention players,

I will award bonus Xp for the person that writes an Adventure Log for Space Campaign.

Here’s how it will work. Each of you will get a turn to write an adventure log post. We will go in descending order of age. We started with Ian, but he didn’t write one so he won’t be going again until everyone else has a chance.

On your turn to write the Adventure Log, you must do so before the end of the Thursday following game. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the possible bonus Xp. You may still post the Adventure log, but I will write the session from an NPC’s perspective just to make sure that a record is made.

Bonus Xp rewarded = Character level*50

Michael you’re next


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