Chronicle of Research in Hive Mind/Mind Control Done On Mandible Pg 9. P 6 and following
The Account of Ulysses Klaw

We were within hours of completing the Helmet of Insect Control when a group of five Jedi entered the cave. Instinctually I grabbed my hand crossbow, and Henry continued his work giving the intruders only a momentary glance. These Jedi an orc, an elf, a drow, a Sauriel, and a thri-kreen (I’m sure we can divine who they were exactly) informed us that they were here to to recruit Henry into the Avengers (the auxiliary police force of Angie’s Sigil) Henry told them that he would go there as soon as he finished the helmet. It was at this point that we realized that the indigenous people knew of our location and were likely coming to take the helmet. Henry believed the locals only intended to use the helmet to control herd animals, but I relied its true use to control the natives themselves. I allows his research to continue because I believed it would be useful to us and I expect that is why the indigenous allowed him to continue as well. We set the Jedi outside to guard as Henry and I finished the helmet which seemed our only way to leave the planet with hostiles all around.

After sometime a troop of Formians attacked from the north west. As first the thri-keen, Creik, tried the diplomats path an that held them off for a little while, but came to not when the sanriel, Thong (or something like that) charged the formians. With that all for the formians began to attack and the Jedi as well. Kreek did not contend, but stood to the side. The formians permitted this not seeing him as a Jedi defender of the cave. This combat continued with no change except that Krypt charge and attack pec two neogi as soon as he could see them. I only had to use my crossbow a few times to defend the cave as this point..

The battle turned for the worse as the Jedi began to fall. I do not know in what order they fell as I quickly became too busy shooting my crossbow at the invading formians. A was told at this time the tohr-kreen began to attack. Luck was on our side as Kluck directed the tohr to attack the formians and deal with us diplomatically. The kreens dealt swiftly with their enemies and Henry was forced to redesign the helmet for them so that it would work on only Neogi. He agreed to the terms of this non-contract and we returned to Til-Kreen to re-work the helmet.

While in Till-Kreen I learned that the Jedi had been in empire space aboard the Heronic Order of the Flind. After re working the helmet Henry and I returned uneventfully to Angie’s Sigil. It is from that place that I send this discourse to you. I hope to return to Zues soon, to give you my copy of our findings.

Long live the Emperor and the order of the Empire.

Ulysses Klaw

In the Heart of the Empire

After our encounter with the Flind-yanki on Silantea, we received the letter required to gain access to the planet Zeus. The meeting was held in, an aptly named building, The Citadel of Meeting. Once more, entering without drawing attention seemed all too easily done, although we had few arms with us at this point. Once inside the citadel, we observed various high ranking sith give speeches to the crowds in the Court of Common Observances. The information given in the speeches was quite boring and by no means new information to us at this point.

Deciding that the speeches were not worth the dedication of the entire party, we left Vincent to see to the meeting while the rest of us explored other parts of the citadel. Our first stop was the Holding Court to the left of the central platform. Upon entering the area, mostly devoid of guards, we discovered a woman attempting to tame wild beasts, many of which were rather unfriendly and could prove a significant threat if they were left unchecked. Klik convinced her that we were there to check on her progress and she gave us a mild report on the status of the creatures, stating that they should all be ready by the time that the empire declared war.

As we were returning to Vincent so that we could report this, a voice sounded inside all of our heads. We immediately knew that our secrecy had been compromised and were preparing for the worst when it informed us that it was not working for the empire and that its interests happened to align with ours. It then brought us backwards through time to before we left the Court of Common Observances and suggested we check out other places, like the Transit Tower.

We were a little reluctant to rely on a power we could not see but nonetheless, we went to the tower. Inside was mostly empty but near the top, we discovered four mechanical creations, like the one on Ander’s ship when we lost Peter. We rushed the creations, killing them, thankfully without any repair robots shooting fire at us this time, and went into the room. Inside, we found a few notes and a metallic cylinder. Klik, who instead of fighting the metallic sentries had decided to try to melt a hole in the wall by excreting acid (something clearly not a biological feat), tried to melt the cylinder to no avail. We ended up taking the notes and leaving the tower only to accept another time warp. This one, however, was different in that we still had the notes taken from the desk.

From this, our third time leaving the Court of Common Observances, we entered the Training Courts to the right. Inside, we were addressed as Jedi by a group of five who were sparring in the yard. We attempted to deny it but they made it very clear that they knew who we were. Their leader proposed that we duel one on one which we were forced to accept. Their was an offer of information, however, if we succeed in besting them in single combat. They were kind enough to provide us with appropriate weapons and armor (how they knew which weapons and armor went to which member of our party was mildly alarming).

The duels were fought simultaneously and, not wanting to fight a mage when I was all but out of spells, decided that my best course of action was to force him to surrender. This being easier said than done as my opponent was a red dragonborn. At the start of the duel, he hit me painfully hard with a magic missile while I cast an invisibility spell on myself. I then tackled him and sat down, pinning him and making him unable to move, let alone cast magic. At this point I was able to look around and see how the others were fairing in their fights. Most surprising to me was that the two clerics were just standing there doing nothing. I then decided to force the issue by enlarging myself, at which point, my opponent gave up. Shortly thereafter all of the duels, aside from the cleric’s were concluded by our party striking down their targets. Daenes’s fight was especially interesting in that the final actions were a casting of the darkness spell by the leader of their group followed by Daenes skewering their leader. More time passed and finally, both clerics started to move again, at which point, our Asimorc,Nishant, bested their cleric with a katana.

My opponent, the only one left conscious, provided us with healing and information about us, gathered by the sith. We then accepted another time warp from our mysterious ally which, incidentally, left us with the whole crate of strong healing potions that Klik was carrying at the time.

Rantings of an immortal

The Dhampir of All Talents entered the tower he had usurped from a dying god.
His brother a beautiful man with redish-purple skin sat on a couch in the back corner of the first floor foyer. “Been doing father’s busywork again?” his brother called as he dismissed several Eireiness.
“Father required me to go to the planet Zues,”
“What seeds of discord did father have you sow on the capital of the Galactic Empire?”
“He had me transport five Jedi back in time. I had to do it three times. Do you know how irritating that is?”
“I feel I’m about to.”
“It cost me eighteen time slips, three minor paradoxes, and then five more time slips to slant things in my direction. True to his meticulous personality , he had me stay and watch the entire time. First they went to see the animals pens, nothing interesting there, so Father had to strike a bargain with them.”
“Which was put eloquently with plenty of double meanings.”
“Not at all he was painfully honest and straightforward. He got them to agree and told me to time slip them back only four minutes: such a waste of power. The whole time they’re investigate father has us split our attention to listen to an old man drone through giving a speech. Apparently blowhards attract. The Jedi investigated a three story building. They demolished some truly primitive warforged and stole some paper work. They then went to the top floor and saw a large spelljammer being built. Instead of destroying it or learning more about it they backed down, and father had me send them further back in time. As the man droned on, they got into a fight against a band of sith that was formed for the sole purpose of fight these particular Jedi.
“Father’s and the Empire’s interest in these Jedi make me wonder what makes them so important.
“the Sith lost. Further supporting that these Jedi are special. After nearly killing all but one of them, the Jedi, by way of father, got me to jump them back in time one last time. This is when I stepped out of father’s directive a little. I time slipped the Sith as well.
“If these Jedi are going to be as important as the interest in them indicates, it may be helpful to have a counter to them.
“After that, the Jedi investigated the labs, fought some conveniently inter-reactive oozes, reported their findings to their leash holder and left the planet. Father continued to watch them as they left the sphere, but I was glad to leave when I was no longer needed to shift time.”
“Why did you feel the need to tell me this?”
“One of these Jedi is an opposite of our brother of Ali.”
A smile played across the Dhampir’s face.
“Oh.” His brother said as recognition dawned on him, and his skin began to become blue.

Cave of the "Illithid"

From the mind of Daenes Heasirryetyn:

Remind me again why we’re going into the dark, creepy tunnel with mind-eating monsters? I can see why the Drow would jump at the chance to take a mission underground, but the giant bug and Thon? I don’t know, seems awfully cramped for a 9 foot Sauriel and an 11 foot praying mantis. What’s his name again? Klik? Sounds right. At least we can all see in the dark… I think. Well, here goes nothing. Maybe we’ll get to kick some butt. Corellon Larethian knows I need some action at least.

Gross… this place smells disgusting. Like dead bodies or something. Oh.. yep. Dead bodies. Definitely dead bodies. Hold on, two of them are standing up. I wonder if they need help! Uh.. scratch that. They’re definitely beyond our help. Ghouls by the looks of them. Well, I got my wish for action! Well there goes Klik, diving head-first into a fight. Looks fun! Well now, looks like we’re all getting in on the fun.

Well, the ghouls are taken care of, but I think something’s wrong with bug-boy. He sort of stopped moving in the middle of the fight. Is that a bug thing? Does he freeze up in battle? I sure hope not. That could seriously cramp our style. At least Peter was fun to punt. Huh, looks like he’s coming back to his senses. Guess he’s alright then. Gross guys, why are you going through those dead dudes’ pockets?

Annnnd off we go deeper into this festering cave of death. Woah, shit! Archers! Why are the Flind attacking us? I thought we were on their side! Come to think of it, those dudes are thinner than the Flind. Weird cousins maybe? Klik! What the heck are you doing?! Why are you talking to the bow wielding dudes?! Yeah, see? That didn’t go over so well. Telling archers you’re here to “kill” something isn’t exactly going to calm anyone down, now is it? Why are Klik and Vincent telling us not to shoot them? They have arrows pointed at our heads! Annnnd backing out, backing out.

Next room, please! Man this place smells. Oh great, another room with more Flind cousins. Klik, stop. Seirously. Stop trying to “negotiate” with these dudes. They’re obviously not interested. Especially since that dude just flew a flaming ball of grass at our heads! Holy shit that Bug can jump! I think I just peed myself a little.

Ledges. Why are there always ledges? I can’t kick ass when they’re on a freaking ledge. Fryn is trying to hack at the fire ball. I wonder how that’s going for him. C’mon Thon! You whack a burning bush with your bare tail, and you seriously don’t think that’s gonna sting? Well, I’m of no use right now. Hey, is that another hallway?

Well hey! Another room with those weird Flind cousins, and yuck, another ghoul. It’s halberd time! Damn that was sick! Did you see the way I gutted him like a pig and threw him against the wall? Well, obviously you saw me do that, ‘cause you’re me. Cool. Well, anyway. That was awesome. Next!

[Meanwhile, not in Daenes’ head, cause, well, she wasn’t there: Fryn continued to do massive amounts of damage to the fire man who appeared out of the flaming whicker ball while Vincent continued to slowly shoot at the Gnoll on the ledge. Thon and Nishant stood by, not really sure what they could do. Seeing how Thon’s tail was still ouchied, and Nishant had no non-wooden weapons. Nishant did try to control the burning man, but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Klik, after jumping on the ledge, charged past the enemy into a narrow corridor which led to the room Daenes is now in. Klik snuck up on an archer in said room, slashing him with one of his many many bastard swords. The archer didn’t particularly care for this, and turned his attention from Daenes to Klik.]

Oh hey! Look! Bug man made it into this room! Looks like he’s taking care of the archer. I think I’ll go in for another ghoul kill. That last one was satisfying. Well, he’s taken care of. Let’s go take care of those mini-flinds. Well now, looks like Thon decided he didn’t want any more burns and wants to join the fun. Ghouls; check. Mini-flinds; check. Guess we should go back and check on our friends, see if they’ve put out burning-man and his buddies yet. I’m pretty sure this tunnel Klik came through leads to that ledge.

Huh, looks like given enough time, Vincent CAN hit the broad side of a barn! Burning man seems a little “put out”! Ha! Haha! I’m so funny.

Dude, is that a hammer? Apparently Fryn has ups too! How the hell are these people making it up these ledges?! Well, looks like everyone’s dead in this room now. Fryn, seriously? Another weapon? Like you need more! Although I will admit, that hammer’s pretty cool.

Now that we’re all together again, guess we get to go find this mind-eating sicko. I remember someone saying something about a “tentacle face”. Sounds kinky. Oh look, a door. Now what? Hinges! Good plan, good plan. Thon? If you wouldn’t mind doing the honors? Thank you very much. Why is everyone clutching their heads? This doesn’t bode well. Time to shut the door! I’ll stand guard here, y’all go ahead. No, really, I’m good. Ugh, fine. I’ll come fight tentacle face.

Where did Fryn go? Is that a hole? Splash Yep. That’s a hole. Hope he’s alright… Oh well! What’s one less Drow in this world?

Not much in this room, but I think I hear something around the corner. Wonderful. It’s ALWAYS a good sign when someone is chanting in some freakish language. Did that dude just collapse? What IS that thing? And why are his eyes black? Wait, wait, I think I hear ominous music. Yep. Boss fight.

[Meanwile, Fryn, who IS okay, in case you were wondering, is swimming his way back to the room. He’ll get there eventually. Don’t worry.]

And go time! I’ll get the priest! stabs him into a wall Man I hope I didn’t just dent my halberd. Holy frak, why are there 9 Thons?! And I thought this room felt crowded before. Wait, why is Klik attacking Thon? I mean, it’s obviously some sort of illusion, dude. No need to totally freak. Attaboy, Nishant! Smack that dude in the head! I swear, Vincent, if you get any less accurate with that gun, you’re gonna kill one of us. Thon proceeds to sit on the body-controlled Klik Ohhh.. Thon? You do know what happens to bugs when you drop a 900 pound dino on them, right? Right? Okay. Good. Cool. So long as you know.

Daenes is now attacking the Flind-yanki with Nishant Yeah, boy! We got this! Wait, Nishant! Why’d you swipe at me? Nishant is cursing and apologizing No no, we’re cool. I got it. Mind-control. Don’t worry, I’ll just keep spinning around this dude so every time you try to whack me, you whack him! Oh good, you’ve got your body back. Excellent. Looks like Klik does too! And hey! Fryn’s back! Guess he survived. Alright, y’all! Let’s finish this bastard off! Whole team does a seriously awesome combo-killing-move that takes him down to -41 hit points YEAH! We are so BEAST! Phew, that was fun.

Party notices a symbol painted in blood on the floor. Half the party proceeds to pee on it to smear it while Thon, prude that he is, goes and pours water from the stream onto it. Regardless, the seal is broken. Looting ensues

Reverse Mailmen
Klik's account of his first few days with Haloven and his Padwans

After being rescued from the destroyed Neogi vessel by fellow jedi and their ogre magi allies, I spent the next few days In the infirmary. I was soon joined by the jedi who seemed fairly roughed up after their mission.
Two of them the Sauriel hornhead, Thon, and the orcan shaman, Nishant, remained unconscious for the next two days. Their companions, a grey elf and a drow – Daenes and Fryn respectively, tended to mundane matters while their allies rested.
Once the two regained consciousness, their commanding officer, a human named Haloven, entered and asked the entire group if they needed to talk about what happened. Though it was slow going, they revealed that the fifth member of their clutch was lost in an explosion on an enemy vessel. Their commander put forth a poorly thought out plan to spy upon the empire.
It was at this time that my presence among them was addressed. I introduced myself and reluctantly joined my fellow jedi.
In order to progress the commanders plan, we needed a letter from the empire inviting one of the surrounding planets to some sort of presentation on Zeus. We had four possible planets to which the letter may have been sent. I immediately crossed of my home world, Mandible, and Thor as they both lacked the planet wide government population concentrations in which the Empire would be interested. Out of our remaining choices, I advised us to investigate Achelous.
The jedi on Achelous, a truly homogeneous planet, made it clear that they had not received a letter.
Shortly after, we caught a ride with flind and vierra headed to Silantea. While we traveled I noticed that elves do in fact not sleep. Given this new information and Fryn’s skill at using multiple weapons, I should seek him out as a sparing partner.
Once at our destination, the Great Elven Consortium escorted the flind ship to the surface of the planet. We were each examined, and given travel parameters for our visit. Fryn was perhaps treated the worst as his heritage aggravated the elves in security.
Daenes was chosen as our spokesperson as she was grey elven – how any government can consider itself great when it judges its people and guest on the basis of biological make-up is not in my power to comprehend.
After waiting for what felt like what was much longer than it probably was, Daenes returned with the papers we were seeking. She informed us that in order to get them she had to agree that we would protect her mother. The others seemed skeptical about this deal. I do not have a problem with it: if you can help both your birth clutch and inducted clutch all the better.
With the letters now in hand, we needed to get a ship to take us to Zeus – How Thon and I will not be seen as odd still escapes me. In an attempt to receive their service again, we followed the flind who had taken us to the planet to their island.
Once there we made contact with a priest who, after a long story, petitioned us for our help in killing a monster. Since my last hunt went poorly, I was over-eager to fight this monster. When I left, the others followed shortly behind.

The Last Days of Peter Farquad
An excerpt from the journal of Fryn Kenlyl

After learning the identity of the Sith who was responsible for the theft of the sword, we contracted our host’s own spelljammer, a massive ship named the Ogre Charles to pursue our quarry toward Imperial space. I assure you, it was not a journey I had hoped to ever make.

Our flight through the spheres took us through a region of space dominated by elementally-charged planets. The Plains of Thunder, Mandible and an aquatic planet whose name I can’t bring to mind were between us an our eventual destination, as well as a number of other planets that I don’t remember as clearly.

Near Mandible, we encountered the wreckage of what seemed to be several neogi ships. Upon closer inspection, however, we saw a Jedi tabard among the wreckage. When we attempted to recover the tabard, we found that its owner was still inside it, badly wounded and drifting through space but alive. He was a large, insectoid creature, one of the natives of Mandible. I had seen several of his kind during my Jedi training, and I feel that this Jedi must have been one of those. He was brought aboard the Ogre Charles but did not immediately regain consciousness.

We finally spotted our quarry just inside the Plogiston — a highly flammable gas that separates the various spheres of space — between the sphere we’d been travelling and Imperial space. While it was much faster than our vessel, it slowed to do battle with us, confident that its superior firepower would overcome us. I don’t doubt that it would have, but our goal wasn’t to destroy the ship but to slow it. We targeted the brass oar-like protrusions that served to propel the monstrosity, eventually boarding it when its speed was sufficiently reduced. No sooner had we done so than some kind of automatic repair system brought the oars back into play, leaving us stranded on the enemy spelljammer and unable to use fire to defeat any foes we found for fear of the reaction the Phlogiston would have when exposed to flame.

We soon discovered that the repairs were being enacted by some kind of mechanical arthropods. They weren’t aggressive toward Peter when he ducked and rolled around them to explore the lower decks, but we did our best to not aggravate them. Finally, on the lowest deck, we found the Sith machinist Ander. He was attended by mechanical humanoids, presumably of his own creation. Vincent, Daenes and I proceeded to dismantle them while the rest of the party focused on Ander. Though magic mostly disabled him, he still proved capable of some form of locomotion, moving himself around the room on some kind of cable that I was never able to investigate. As soon as one of the metal men had been damaged and disabled, the brass repairmen arrived to do their work. I turned and began destroying them, lest we be forced to fight the metal warriors endlessly.

At this time, I recall someone trying to take possession of the ship, hoping that this would allow us to stop the mechanical creatures from attacking us. It was too late, though. While we had been careful to not destroy ourselves by exposing the Phlogiston to open flame, Ander’s creations had been given no such instruction. One of them — the eight-legged one, I believe — unleashed a gout of flame at me, and the entire cabin exploded. Daenes and I were still able to move on our own after the conflagration had passed, but I doubt any of the rest of our party could have. Ander fled through use of some kind of automatic emergency escape system, but Peter was nowhere to be found. Whether he was taken by the escape system, thrown through space by the explosion or immolated completely, I’m afraid we will never know. At any rate, I feel it’s best to consider him either lost or dead.

We returned the sword to its rightful owner, began our return journey and now plan to stop on Kratar to return Peter’s rodents to his people, where they can be cared for properly. We will report his sacrifice at an enclave and hope that they can divine his fate in some way. I doubt that it will be good news, but it will at least provide the Jedi and any family he has with closure.

Never underestimate the power of the sneaky.

When we arrived in the Empire of the Ogre Magi, we discovered the Jedi enclave under house arrest! Our master also revealed that he had a brother, Claude who has been charged with stealing the heirloom sword of one of the Ogre houses. The saya of this sword was found under his bed in the enclave, but no one has been able to locate the sword itself. We took on the challenge of clearing his (and, by extension, the Jedi Order’s) good name.

Fryn went undercover to investigate the Sith enclave here, since there was a known Sith lord, Lord Ander, here during the time of the sword’s theft. From what he told us, he did an excellent job of infiltrating the enclave and talked the caretaker, Lorenco, into giving him the same room as the Sith lord to stay in. He discovered that Ander had taken the sword and arranged through the thieves’ guild to have the saya stolen back from the constabulary. A thief was caught attempting to steal the saya, one named Li.

Mostly, I have to admit to being distracted by the feline people who live in the divided district. Even with important things on the line, I can’t help but admire a good bloodline.

The Arena

After the raid on Grizo’s hideout, and the return to Angie’s Sigil and Stark tower, the group made their way to Self Ruling Empire of the Ogre Magi by way of Orichelm Station. However, they had to stop on Ares‘s moon to wait for the next ship out. While there, they decided to participate in the Arena. Fryn, Nishant, Thon, Daenes, Peter, and Fluffy made up a division A team. Their first battle was against a cleric Minotaur named The Bedlam Nightreeper. Daenes offered to fight him first, and within a few blows, Bedlam Nightreeper was unconscious. Since they had more time to spare, the team decided to participate in a monster event. They were transported to a pitch black planet and were told to survive 5 minutes of onslaught from a pack of gibberlings. Lucky for the team, they all had infravision and could see in the dark. The team suffered heavy damages, but thanks to a magic talisman given to all arena participants, none of the team members truly died, although Daenes was knocked unconscious. Peter created a force-field around himself, fluffy, and Nishant. When Daenes was knocked unconscious, Nishant moved her into the protective circle and covered Thon’s and Fryn’s backs. The team survived the onslaught with 31 kills. This helped the team qualify for the next bracket of team, division B.

A Journey to the Center of the Sun
Mildly warm in there

Having just returned from a tiresome voyage, I have decided to relax for the night and write down the events of my voyage.

The precursor to the journey began when I mysteriously found a small card in my room on the day after our graduation at the Jedi Academy. I decided to hold on to it as a memento of that day, since the ceremonial broadswords are of little more than decoration for a mage such as me. On Angela’s Sigil, I encountered Robert Stark, a unique mage who dabbled in seemingly all types of legal magic and had no qualms about sharing his knowledge. He noticed the card and took a great deal of interest in it after formalities had been exchanged. He informed me that the card was one of the 22 Tarot cards, specifically the magician. I left the card with him to examine it further as my group went on to a few other planets as our missions demanded.

When we returned to Angela’s Sigil, Stark had determined that it was one of the immensely powerful original tarot cards that have existed from time immemorial. Unfortunately, it’s power was sealed under the many personalities who had held it prior to me. To fix this, Stark had a bizarre plan to use the power of a star to purge the card of its sealing and unlock its true potential.

He outfitted a ship, a Bloatfly, with as many cooling tanks as he could squeeze in there and put extra shielding on every surface of the ship.

Voice of Three
Exerpts from the diaries of three people that dealt with the party these past days

From the case log of Detective Murdock.

With the help of the Jedi we set up a plan of attack and raided the hideout of the crime lord Grizo’s. In the attempt to apprehend the thieves at the hideout, we accidentally killed two of the subjects, but were able to detain the rest by only causing minor injuries. Of the officers involved in the raid none were killed and only a few required clerical healing. The Jedi detained Grizo, and handed him over to us only on the condition that they be allowed to send another Jedi here to make sure that Grizo received due processing. This took me aback, but from their point of view I can understand their request.

From the diary of Apprentice Laurah of the Jedi enclave on Angie’s s Sigil.

Fryn Kenlyl and his Jedi companions returned to Angie’s today. They just missed their teacher. He left for the SREotOM just yesterday evening. I dueled with Fryn and won. He seemed a bit road worn, I suspect this is why he did so poorly. Peter and Daenes seemed quite out of it. Peter tried to get donations for his animal research and Daenes didn’t really seem to do anything. Nishant bought books and got information on where the merchants of Angie’s How’s Bazaar want to go. As I understand it he gets a discount for helping improve their quality of life. In the evening they all went to work at Jed-I’s audio optical spectacular. No one offers me to perform in these things.

From the record Phantoms at stark tower

Thon has returned from his trip into the sun. He tells me he fought salimanders there, and that Laurah saved the rest of the crew from near certain death. The Conjugation Machine has produced the Sun Tarrot, and I will be able to use that to power the machine from now on. Soon I will be able to clear the Magician for Thon to use. Fryn is testing out my cursed sword of dumb courage. Nishant and Deanes have been using my library. It’s good having a team at the base even if it isn’t my team.


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