Peter Farquad

Jedi Apprintice Training to be a Councilor


Peter is short even for a gnome, and standing next his giant space hamster does not help any. Despite his diminutive size or perhaps because of it, he carries himself boldly and with dignity. his sense of style is keen by gnomish standards.He dresses in black leather with gold buttons.
His white and brown hamster can always be found near him. It is always chewing on something: usually a ship’s hull.


All PCs will probably know this because Peter will tell his life story to anyone who will listen.

Peter was born the youngest of four children to Knagna and Oba Farquad. The Farquads lived off of a farm started by Knagna’s father on Kraytar4. Try as they might, the farm was rarely profitable as there were not enough raw materials off of which to build it. Not long after Peter was born, his brothers, James and John, went to work in a mine on Kraytar6 to supplement their income.
When he was still an infant, a reptilian jedi came with his elven padawan and declared that Peter was force sensitive. After a series of debates the jedi agreed to pay for a replacement worker to take Peter’s place once he went to the academy.
As he grew older, his father taught him how to raise the giant hamsters they owned. He enjoyed being with the animals, and after his father trained out his age appropriate distaste for hard labor, he came to appreciate the effort it required to keep the farm running.
When he was 50, his father would send him monthly to give his brothers some farm wrought supplies and collect the money they made. While voyaging between the two moons he would experiment with low gravity: usually by hurling himself over the bow of the ship with a rope tied around his waist. In addition to scaring the various crews, he learned how to manipulate himself in irregular gravity fields.
As he neared adulthood, his father taught him to use their family trait to sympathize with animals. When sympathizing, he would adjust his treatment of the animal to get the best results.
Despite the hard work they put into the farm, the lack of natural supplies limited its growth.
Feeling cheated by the distribution of the supplies, Knagna when to shippers and demanded and explanation for the unfair treatment. The answer was not at all what he had hoped it would be: they were distributing supplies according to the plan that the council had made.
Seeing that life on Kraytar4 would not get any better for them unless the council’s orders changed, he turned his powers of empathy on Gnomish kind and took up politics. He was proclaimed the people’s hero and won a landslide victory. He was similarly successful after he was elected, and bills that modified the distribution of goods were passed in the first year of his term.
While his father was winning political battles, Peter struggled along with his mother and sister, Johanna, to run the farm. With the bills that were passed, the farm was able to get the supplies it needed to grow, and since the farm was profitable, they were able to hire some farm hands until his brothers could return after their next tour was over.
His brothers, however, would not return. Three days before they were done their tour, there was a massive cave that trapped them both. John was killed during the cave in, and James was stuck in the mine for three days. Despite the tragedy, James, who had become a supervisor, decided to stay and work in the mine.
Following the cave in, a report came out that declared that the redistribution of supplies by Knagna. Knagna was crushed by this report, and nearly abdicated his office in its wake, but some of his aids researched and discovered that the report was slanted and error filled almost to be a lie. Although the man responsible for the report was not fully known, it seemed to be the representative of Kraytar10, Gnash Knomer, who was to blame for the report. Knagna had been of mind to end his position at the end of his current term.
Soon after Knagna was elected to a higher position, Peter was inducted into the Jedi enclave on Krytar. As mounted combat was on of the classes, he was allowed to bring his own steed, his flying space hamster Wooly.
Peter settled in to classes well enough. He would wake up an hour before he had to and take care of Wooly, then head to classes. He was a diligent student, and only while in classes avoided acting like a clown. In his dormitory he continued to write ideas for the use of a Giant Mutant Space Gerbil. He had gotten the idea when he watched mice at the farm get out of tiffs that would have killed a giant space hamster.
Academy living was harder for him to settle into. There were three large classes of people at the academy. Those who had leveraged their powers for their own gain, those who’s powers were underdeveloped for lack of use, and those who were still obsessed with their previous family pursuits. Peter was part of the second group. Although he tries to exercise his ability, it tended to freak out the animals and farm hands when he would suddenly turn his arm into a whip or a chain.
At School, his best friends were Nang Goldhat, Telina Awfulsmell, and Jin Geni. Nang worked on his family goal of making a hat that was worth more than its weight in gold. Telina was past her family pursuit of making olfactory deterrents and was itching to train in the ways of the jedi. Jin’s parents were wizards. He lacked the talent with magic, but due to his parentage, he had blue-tinted skin. Whether his skin color was due to a miscast illusion spell or hereditary, he never said.
The people he tended to butt heads with most were a gang of four from Knovelty on Kraytar. Although they were gnomes that had leveraged their powers for gain, the teacher’s did train out most of these sith like tendencies. During their first two years, they were general disliked by teachers and “the less fortunate” gnomes. In short, they were bullies. Their leader was Frances Gearman. He walked around with slicked-back hair and an air of superiority. The others were Gilliam Trium, Hartarel Bionum, and Jarelle Verra. One was as tall as a dwarf, one had green hair, and the other was as pretty as the rear end of a space hamster. Peter has forgotten which was which.
In his last year at the academy, he purchased his gerbil, White Lightning, and began to train it to show its superior capabilities.

It ain’t gonna rain no mo’ no mo’
It ain’t gonna rain no mo’
How in the heck can I wash my neck
If it ain’t gonna rain no mo’

When boating never quarrel
for you’ll find without a doubt
a boat is not the popper place
to have a falling out.

A doctor fell into a well
and broke his collar bone.
We think that he should tend the sick
and leave the well alone.

A farmer slipped on the old barn roof
when rotten boards gave way,
And as as he fell, he shrugged and said,
“It’s time to hit the hay.”

My uncle was a chemist.
A chemist he is no more.
For what he thought was H-2-O
Was H-2-S-O-4

Peter Farquad

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