Nishant Deryn

Aasimorc Cleric


Fifteen years ago, a stunningly beautiful man appeared at the Orichelm, introducing himself as Nisroc. He explained to the orcs living there that he had been sent by his master with words of joy: his master had heard of the work the Orichelm was doing to purify and perfect the orcish race and Nisroc was his blessing on this enterprise. He was under orders to provide genetic stock to further their aims. Under written and carefully monitored contract, Nisroc coupled with seven selected orcish women and then, with a word of encouragement, vanished. Of these couplings, only three bore viable offspring, two females and a single male. The male was named Nishant Deryn and the two females were named Aditi and Indira.

Nishant had a fairly normal orcish childhood in the Orichelm, raised by nursemaids and taught and trained in his people’s traditions. From an early age, he showed affinity for the Force and the focused attention and calm mind to embrace the art. Arrangements were made for him to attend the Jedi school on Yavin and he took to the training with gusto, being awarded high marks in most of his classes, particularly healing and etiquette. Nishant has a calm disposition and a strong sense of balanced self, has little interest in personal advancement and has generally shown himself to be highly resistant to the charms of the Dark side of the Force.

Personal interactions are sometimes uncomfortable for Nishant, due to the prejudices against orcs he occasionally comes up against. He deals with such social problems with formality and careful civilization, refusing to rise to the bait of orc-haters and the like. He is also socially aware of the oddity of his submission to the Orichelm breeding program. He does his best not to let his classmates at the academy know what he’s doing when called to fulfill his genetic obligations.

Generally, Nishant does not have “friends.” He has class associates whom he is mildly fond of and he has family ties which he feels strong obligation towards. He heals people for the good of the Jedi organization and because he personally is curious about the anatomy of the different races. His loyalties are first and foremost his racial identity, followed by the Jedi code and he often allows these loyalties to subsume any personal motivations. It’s so much easier to follow an external code to tell you what is good and evil, right and wrong.

Deep down, though, there is a kernel of curiosity. Nishant’s orcish nature occasionally wars with the blood of the angel in his veins. Nisroc was an Astral Deva, Lawfully Good aligned and in the service of a Lawfully Good deity. The goodness sometimes tickles at Nishant’s Lawful viewpoint, giving him the feeling that maybe he’s wasting himself being so devoted to the organizations and social frameworks. He feels like maybe, just maybe, he should care about people because they are people instead of based on who they swear loyalty to or who they were born as. Nishant is still working out the details of why he stands by his classmates from the Academy. It might be easier to follow orders, but he feels like his life might be richer and the world might be better if he actually cares about things.

Nishant Deryn

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