Louis Traverser

Headmaster of the Jedi Academy on Yavin


Louise Traverser is a Master in the Jedi order. Until recently he called Haven’s ‘human kingdom’ home. Now he resides at the Jedi Academy on Yavin. it is at this location he that he is the headmaster. He is six feet tall and of an average build. He has blond/brown hair and light blue eyes. At age 40 Jedi Traverser is still in impeccable health. In combat Headmaster Louise uses one of two bastard swords. The first is one he made while a prisoner of the Empire. The second is a sword that he made while establishing the Academy on Yavin. It is an enchanted two sided wooden sword with one side being serrated. At rare times he can be seen using both at the same time. In battle Master Louise wears studded leather armor and Jedi robes. out of combat he just wears the robes.


Louis Traverser

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