Captain Jack

Suave Pirate Turned Jedi


A human male about 5’ 11" with black hair pulled back into a pony tail. He has a neatly trimmed goatee and long nose that is much too big on his wanted poster. He has many tattoos across his body and is quite accustomed to showing them off. He will always stand with one leg propped up on something even if it is a small keg he drags around.


I was a feared Captain sailing with ease through the toughest of situations. My crew was well cared for and grew in men and talent.
All was well until my First Mate drugged me and set me to crash onto the Planet of the ogre magi. The sorry whelp told my crew I had retired with half the treasure. He really stashed half of it for himself.
I would have died on impact if not for the help of lone monk. He took me in and trained me so I would be able to survive the long journey back to the city.
Once in the city, I signed on with a crew and after the appropriate waiting period, organized a mutiny.
Again the captain of my own ship, my crew began to grow in numbers and talent. We were infamous to the Alliance and the Empire.
I would have gone down a pirate legend if not for an accident on Kraytar. When I landed to sell my goods, an explosion went off under my ship. The explosion wrecked my ship and killed a number of my crew including the cook. We were grounded for three weeks while they made a Gnomish sidewheeler to replace my ship.
When we set off, we hired hands to fill the vacant positions and went about doing what we had before.
The gnomish cook then led the men to mutiny against me and left me stranded on Al-Qadim. Having learned from the last betrayal I had prepared a small treasure stash to get me back on my feet. After working long enough to pay passage and meals for the trip I headed to Ardinia to get my loot.
While is was there, I ran into a Jedi who offered to train me. Since being a Jedi was always one of my dreams, I gladly agreed and when to lodge at his dojo.
The “Jedi” absconded with my gold and left my only the cloths on my back.
In order to get my money back, I when to Haven to lodge a formal complaint against the Jedi who stole my gold. After much debate, it was decided that the man who stole my gold was not a Jedi.
Resigned to my fate as a deck hand, I prepared to ship off the next morning. I was saved from this fate when Krath, a jedi lizard man, came to me with his Eleven companion. They said that they had discerned that I was force sensitive and said that they would like to train me.

Captain Jack

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