Dream Sequence

An excerpt from the journal of Fryn Kenlyl

It seems we encountered a creature whose name sounds like “greater fear,” though I’m sure that’s not how it’s spelled. It caused us all to share hallucinations of our greatest fears, though Thon was surprisingly immune, along with the ship’s captain and possibly Daenis’s parrot.

First we arrived at an Orichelm outpost that was strangely contained in its own crystal sphere. I immediately suspected something was wrong. The captain and Daenis’s parrot were both missing, though where they could have gone could not be imagined. We entered the outpost, and every orc (or half-orcs, as they seemed to be) who came into contact with Nishant died of a contagion he was apparently carrying. Hoping that our departure might make things better and knowing that our presence would only make things worse, we set sail again.

Not long after that, we encountered a neogi ship. We boarded it and were defeated horribly by its crew and taken as slaves. While I have the impression that we were imprisoned for a tremendous duration of time, the experience is thankfully not clear in my mind.

Some time later, we were ransomed by what appeared to be Jedi Master Hoth. He took us to aid in the defense of an embattled planet where we again faced off with our Sith rivals from Zeus. They seemed to have not aged despite the number of years it had been since we’d last seen them. Thinking back, I can’t remember now if I had aged, either. Needless to say, the planet fell in a continuation of our gallery of failures.

Next we faced off against a manifestation of the beast that was causing these visions. Though I’d become convinced of the illusory nature of our experiences up to this point, I now thought we’d broken free of its grasp and had the chance to destroy it. However, we would prove once again unequal to the task. The creature destroyed us, and we found ourselves back on the deck of the flind ship. Thon was burning the creature from our shared hallucination, and it seemed the captain had participated in its destruction, as well.

All in all, we lost little as a result of the attack. It was an overall humbling experience, and after a number of successes culminating in our infiltration and escape of Zeus itself, perhaps that’s for the best. We all faced the things we fear most and had to accept that there may be challenges we cannot yet overcome. I found it difficult to dwell on at first, but several hours of Reverie put the experience in perspective as a very brief unpleasantness in the scope of an otherwise enlightening — if not productive — existence. I do not doubt that we will all have difficulty facing neogi or our Sith rivals when next we meet, though.

We continue on our way to reunite the interplanetary team Stark asked us to assemble in order to thwart the avaricious plans of the Empire and their Sith lapdogs. May the Force be with us.



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