The Last few days

Recap for a couple sessions

After we were mind raped by the great faer, we went to retrieve Thor the Norse god from Thor the planet.

We landed on what seemed to be a flying military city. Although I am not well versed in demihuman creatures, it seemed as if these humans were some amalgamation of the demihuman races. Their garb, much like the ship, was made of sturdy patchwork. Their commander gave us directions to the dormant volcano in which he believed Thor was staying. Rather politely, they allowed us to use one of their away boats to travel to the volcano. Since Thor, the planet, is called plains of thunder, I decided to leave my swords on the ship and go on with staves.

Once there, we surveyed the top, and chose at seemingly random a side to descend.

On our descent right before we found an entry way into the mountain, we were met three balls of lighting. Although they were not threatening, we were certain that contact with them would not be pleasant. Thon created a large spider web down the mountain to catch us, and all of us except Nishant jumped to it. Nishant was cornered by two of them, and after a failed attempt to hit one of the lightning orbs, proved our suspicion about touching them correct. He cam tumbling down the mountain to meet us.

As we adjusted to the dark, Thon passed us glowing stones. I held two of them high in the air to give ample light for all of us.

We were soon met by small blue humanoids. We bribed them and their cousins in the next room to direct us down the mountain. They did not seem pleased with Thor, the Norse god, and were placated by the fact that we would be taking him with us.

Right after we left the blue humanoids, we were swarmed by electric bats. Despite the obvious danger,Fryn, our Clutch leader, advised that we not retaliate as we were the ones trespassing. Nishant and the ever unnaturally aggressive Thon seemed not satisfied by this plan. Thon rammed to of them as he charged across the room, and Nishant follow after a minute or two.

I our great haste to leave the room, we failed to notice that the next hallway was a trap, and we all went sliding down the corridor. At the end of the hall, we were met by the end of a spear. Some humans who had set the trap showed us to Thor’s, the Norse god, room.

When we entered, we saw Thor, the Norse god, Pinned under a lion-bodied-monster. The monster had, as stated, the body of a lion with large spikes running down its spine and clustered at the end of the tail. It had giant bat like wings, and the face of an old dwarf with sharp teeth. To add to the fun four more of these monsters also greeted us.

I began shouting orders, and we sprung into action. Through combination of teamwork and a enlarged Thor, the Norse god, we killed all the monsters.

When we thought the battle was won, a woman descended in a whirlwind with four more of the monsters. The woman who remained out of our reach cast a spell and bound Daenes, Nishant, and my appendages. Thor, the Norse god, set Nishant free, Daenes wrenched here manacle’s apart, and I burned mine of with acid. As we fought and downed the monsters, the woman spread combustibles around the battle field. once all her pets, the monsters, were killed she st the room on fire. knowing what was about to happen, I got Nishant’s Katana and blew away a portion of the combustibles so he and Fryn could avoid the fire. When the fire went off, I was knocked unconscious.

When I came to, Thor, the Norse god, had taken us into his treasure room. He then expounded to us and some other subterranean dwellers how he defeated some envious god. As he described it, Fryn tossed him a magical hammer. He then threw that into the other god three times and on the final retrieval gained his hammer Mjolnir from the now dead god.

Personally I do not remember Fryn ever having a hammer so I doubt this story is the complete truth.

Thor, the Norse god, then Invited each of us to select one item from his treasure trove as a gift of friendship. After Nishant mentioned wanting to find a magical item, I attuned to the natural vibration and found a few suits of armor that he and Daenes took. I got a small white rock.

While my companions picked through the the horde and bought other items, I went back to the room where we found Thor, the Norse god. I ritualistically ate the bodies of the monsters to absorb their strength. As none of my companions would appreciate the ritual, I did not bring attention to my actions at the time at the time.



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