Of Oni and Demons

“This is unheard of,” bellowed the Balor, “In only three months we have lost two of our own. In seventeen hundred and sixty years we have never lost one of our own. Who has caused this devastation!” All of the pirates in his throne room fell silent. They served at his will. A will that shifted like the waves on Aquarius. None wished his ire to settle on them. Like a glance, a woman walked through the crowd. Her voluptuous form drew the gaze of all in room who were willing to look up. She stepped past the pirates with the dexterity and grace of a dancer, only brushing her body against the members of the crowd she wished to entice. Emerging from among them, she stood directly before the Balor. Her intense red eyes locked on his. “What do you want, Consort!?”
She unfurled her wings, each six feet long. Her gaze burned hotter. “Cool your temper, and I will answer your question.”
The Balor lunged forward. His own wings expanded to their twenty-four foot extent. He bared his teeth face to face with her. “I will not be ordered around by a Succubus!” using her as a distraction, many in the room took the opportunity to exit. For a long moment the Balor and Succubus locked eyes. The Balor broke away, Closing his wings. “Fine, tell me who is killing my representatives. The rest of you out.” The remaining pirates hurried their pace, nearly bowling over those that had tried to sneak out earlier. “Speak, Harlot.”
The Succubus closed her wings to drape her like a cloak “It is my daughter—”
“Of course she is a thorn in our side.”The Balor balked a her sat down on the throne
“Allow me to continue. For twenty six years she has grown in her hatred of us. Up until this year she has just been blowing steam, but three months ago she met with some Jedi on Angie’s Sigil. It was there that she told them of her plan to kill all of the representatives. unlike most other travelers she talked to, these were interested in helping her. And also unlike usual she didn’t back down from the offer. For the first time in her entire life, she put her knowledge of our people against us.”
“That was who killed the Dretch, what about the Bar-Lgura?”
“The same again, she met with them on the moon of Silantea. From there she took them to The SREotOM. Once they landed outside Kotie-no ie, they took an air barge to the forest-jungle. There they were directed to intercept the Bar-Lgura as he fled from the louder Ogre Magi hunters. As it happened the Bar-Lgura dodged past the Jedi and Thelma without issue, but his band of orangutan were seen and fought as they followed him.
“During the course of that battle they killed a female that the Bar-Lgura had favored as a bed mate. Upon seeing her fall he entered the fray and died trying to kill thelma for killing his mate. After his death, the Drow Jedi carved from his skin two long strips of hide. That done they returned to her ship and left the planet.”
“Where are they now?” demanded the Balor.
“From the SREotOM the traveled to the Orichelm. The station there is currently on lock down due to the theft of a bio-toxin. It is rumored the bio-toxin has something to do with one of the Jedi, the Aasimorc, Nishant Deryn. Now the Jedi party is said to be seeking it out.”
“The Assimorc,” The Balor stroked his chin contemplatively. “My soul recalls something of this, why?” He pondered for a moment in silence. The Succubus stood before him as motionless as a statue. Suddenly an epiphany came to the Balor, “Nisroc…”



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