From Thor Back to the Flynd

On our continued quest to assemble the Avengers, we made it to the planet Thor. We first docked at a military ship flying above the ever-thundering clouds. After asking around, we were told that the deity Thor could be found in a volcano on the planet surface. We made it through the clouds and down to the volcano. It was treacherous trying to make it down the volcano to find an entrance, and on the way we were attacked by some zappy wind thingies. We all saw a door and managed to jump to it, with a bit of landing on top of each other. Once inside the volcano, we came across several small blue creatures. I was ready to fight them to make our way to Thor, but Fryn came up with the idea to bribe the little things instead. Turns out, we didn’t need to waste any gold on them; they like shiny glow rocks that Thon can make just as well. They told us which paths to take to find Thor. When we finally came to his room, we saw a man lying under two Manticores. We quickly realized he needed help and we all fought them off. After a quick introduction we realized this was indeed Thor God of Thunder. He seemed to be missing his famous hammer however. We didn’t have much time to talk before we were attacked by even more Manticores. Then this crazy wind lady (who was super hot by the way) brought even more of the freakin spiny lions and we all almost died fighting her and her little beasties off. Turns out she was just pissed Thor wouldn’t join her little demi-god party. Women can be so petty… and yes.. I get the irony. Shush. Anyway, to thank us, Thor let us check out his sweet treasury. Although to be honest the best treasure would have been a night with that hunk of man sandwhich but he claims his heart is taken. sigh oh well. I can still dream about those arms. Thor joined us on our way to Silmarviraetalrovomistilarothislantea to fetch Francis for the team. I wish I had realized who he was last time. Would have saved us a trip. Although, turns out, he’s not interested in joining the Avengers and has quite a beef with Thor. After making us wait an inconsiderate amount of time, Francis did offer up his granddaughter to go in his place. But of course, as with all elves, there was a catch. (Again, yes, I get the irony. Shush.) Turns out his granddaughter, Heather, is helping the Flynd deal with some sort of disease or what not. Our ships crew were not eager to return and possibly die, so we hitched a ride from the Elven Consortium to the Flynd’s home. When we arrived, Heather gave us a quick rundown of this disease. The Flynd first show signs of the disease by falling into a coma lasting up to 4 days, then disorientation, then a slow steady withering of the infected (constitution damage), then almost always followed by a coma, then follows more disorientation and always ends in death. The sick have been magically quarantined, but somehow the disease is still spreading. The fact that it can pass through magical containment has us thinking this could be a psionic disease or parasite. We shall have to investigate further. I also wonder if this could be connected to the creature we fought last time we were here. We shall have to see.



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