An excerpt from the journal of Fryn Kenlyl

Having received instructions to recover some sensitive biological material of Nishant’s stolen from the Orichelm, our group divided to pursue different avenues of inquiry. Ships were canvassed, help was sought from temple priests, magic was detected and labs were investigated. While little was gained in our first day of such inquiry, a tavern in the lower portion of the settlement was reported to be exhibiting strange magical emanations. We arrived at the tavern, and Nishant determined the subterranean location of the biological material through use of Detect Magic. Only he and Daenis were allowed into the cellar, but a commotion eventually brought the rest of us to their aid. Surprisingly, we were all swallowed by a floor (there are still new experiences to be had, even for one as well-traveled as I) and taken prisoner.

Our incarceration was not to last, however. Thon cast a spell that opened every door in the area, causing quite a bit of chaos. Klik — never truly unarmed — cut through our captors, and I found that I may never get far enough from my broken magical sword to be rid of it. Nevertheless, we made the acquaintance of some hobgoblins who had been imprisoned nearby and were being experimented on horribly, possibly using the genetic material I reluctantly mentioned above. While evil by nature, the hobgoblins have less than no reason to betray their only hope of leaving the Orichelm, so I believe they will be valuable allies.

Speaking of valuable allies, it appears the Orichelm are not such. While it can be assumed that the faction that has taken us prisoner is a rogue element within the Orichelm, they nevertheless have carved an impressive operation for themselves under the not-so-watchful eye of the Orichelm. How far their influence extends can be estimated by the number of orcs we’ve already slain, and more yet await. If the Orichelm is not specifically complicit in this operation, they’ve done very little to abate it. And the monstrosity that appears to lead it was, like Nishant, a creation of the Orichelm. I think we need to be prepared for the possibility that the Orichelm as a whole is not to be trusted or aided.



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